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About us


Home on the Range

Home on the Range looks forward to providing you with you with healthy, satisfying, delicious meals delivered straight to your home in Orange County. We are a personal chef company that provides flavorful meals cooked from scratch whenever you want them.

We can accommodate many palates and preferences: vegetarian/vegan, macrobiotic, kosher, low-cholesterol / low-fat / low-sodium, special dietary guidelines, food intolerance / allergies (such as wheat, gluten, dairy, etc.)

A personal chef is perfect for:

  • New parents with little time to cook
  • Busy professionals tired of getting takeout
  • People who haven’t learned to cook
  • Those suffering from an illness limiting their ability to cook
  • Those adjusting to a new diet
  • Simply anyone who wants to enjoy the stress-free benefits of wholesome, delicious meal delivery

How it works

Home on the Range Personal Chef Service is all about you – your schedule, your dietary preferences, and your convenience. Home on the Range provides you with flexible meal options to meet the changing needs of your everyday life.

Here’s how a typical relationship with Home on the Range Personal Chef Service works: Once you get in touch, we meet in person, on the phone or via email. We learn about you and your family’s food preferences, including any likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary needs and nutrition goals. We’ll set up a schedule and meal delivery arrangements. When you’re ready to start, we’ll send you a list of menu options for the following week. Just let us know the dishes you’d like by 5pm each Friday for the following week. For delivery, we can leave items directly with you, or we can put items in your refrigerator or freezer in your absence. You’ll receive a list of meals provided, heating and serving instructions, and all food will be clearly labeled and safely packaged.

All you need to do is heat your food and enjoy!

Whether you’re on a weekly or bi-monthly delivery schedule, just notify us by phone or email of your Home on the Range needs one week in advance, so you’re guaranteed a spot on our cooking schedule. Simple!

Hungry? Check out some sample menu offerings.


Personal Chef menus, customized for you!

Our cooking is straightforward, wholesome, and not too fussy. Home on the Range Personal Chef Service uses organic, chemical-free and local ingredients wherever possible, and shops for groceries from quality retailers such as Trader Joe’s, Mother’s, Sprouts, and local farmers markets.

Each meal is comprised of a main course and a side dish. Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low fat and other dietary considerations are happily accommodated.

We serve generous portions and always include reheating instructions. Sometimes we’ll include a surprise treat as well!.